September 1947

TSU is an accredited institution of higher learning that provides access to a college degree, equally to graduates of acreditied high schools in the United States, foreign countries as well as mature adults who have successfully passed the GED examination.

Students seeking admission to the Graduate School of Texas Southern University should request and complete an application for graduate admission. The application should be supported by offical transcripts from colleges and universityies previous attended by the applicant. Transcripts are considered to be official only if they are submitted by the registrar to the Graduate School of Texas Southern University. Completed application forms should be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School, Texas Southern University, 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, Texas 77004.

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Alumni Relations

    Greetings Fellow Alumni and Friends:
    As an alumna of Texas Southern University, I could not be prouder of the University's accomplishments. During commencement two of the University's most distinguished alumni will join us -- Kermit R. Crawford and Michael Strahan MORE

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